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All Lives Matter!

Police Shootings in America

FBI Crime Stats Database 990 people shot dead by police in 2015 Break Down By Race: White-494 Black-258 Hispanic-172 Other-38 Unknown-28 708 people shot dead by police in 2016 Break Down By Race: White-325 Black-173…

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Happy Birthday to The Bloggers Den

The Bloggers Den turns 1 today

Yes it has already been one year since starting this Blog/News Site. We have some major updates coming this year so stay tuned! 00

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15th Anniversary of 9/11

Let Us Never Forget! RIP… A Gordon M. Aamoth, Jr. S-49 Edelmiro Abad S-40 Marie Rose Abad S-34 Andrew Anthony Abate N-57 Vincent Paul Abate N-57 Laurence Christopher Abel N-32 Alona Abraham S-4 William F….

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#NoDAPL protesters gather for a boat action in Standing Rock on August 20. (Photo: Kelly Hayes)

Erased By False Victory: Obama Hasn’t Stopped DAPL

All Native struggles in the United States are a struggle against erasure. The poisoning of our land, the theft of our children, the state violence committed against us — we are forced to not only…

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Much More Than A 5-Year Mission: ‘Star Trek’ Turns 50

For Star Trek‘s George Takei, it was one of the worst predictions he ever made, and one of the best strokes of luck in his life: Takei, known to fans worldwide as helmsman Hikaru Sulu,…

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Intel’s Kaby Lake and AMD’s Zen processors will only support Windows 10

It’s no secret that Microsoft wants you to upgrade to Windows 10. Like, really badly. Microsoft’s pulled out all the stops it can think of, even going so far as to limit support for new…

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In DNC Fraud Case, Focus Shifts to Video Featuring Process Server Who Mysteriously Died

There is a very strange twist in the class action fraud lawsuit filed against the Democratic National Committee and former Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The recent developments haven’t gotten much mainstream media attention, but they are all documented…

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North Dakota Gov Cuts Water Supply to Native Americans as DAPL Protest Swells in Number and Spirit

Growing in number and spirit, the Standing Rock Sioux protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline is swiftly gaining strength ahead of a federal hearing on the controversial project. Support has spread across the country, and thousands have…

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Apple owes $14.5 billion in back taxes, European authorities say

European authorities ruled on Tuesday Apple struck a sweetheart deal with Ireland that allowed the tech giant to underpay its taxes by more than $14.5 billion over more than a 10-year period. Apple runs its…

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Gene Wilder (right) starred with Cleavon Little in "Blazing Saddles."
Warner Bros./Courtesy Neal Peters Collection

Gene Wilder, Star of ‘Willy Wonka’ and Mel Brooks Classics, Dies at 83

The comic actor was at his best in ‘The Producers,’ ‘Blazing Saddles’ and ‘Young Frankenstein’ and teamed with Richard Pryor in four films. Gene Wilder, the leading man with the comic flair and frizzy hair…

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