In Arizona, your Super Bowl potluck could be illegal

potluck A bill passed several years ago in Arizona accidentally made all potlucks held outside of a workplace illegal.

If you live in Arizona and you’re throwing a Super Bowl potluck outside of work, you might not want to advertise it on Facebook in case you have persnickety, potluck-hating neighbors.

Apparently in the Grand Canyon State, throwing a potluck outside of work is illegal. A bill passed several years ago outlined food-handling regulations and food inspections, with an exception made to food or drink “served at a noncommercial social event that takes place at a workplace, such as a potluck.”

Because of the specific way the bill was worded, it means that all other potlucks are illegal. In Apache Junction, Ariz., this led to complaints at a mobile home park from statute-aware neighbors regarding potlucks being held at the park. Pinal County wound up shutting down a potluck as a result.

By and large, people just don’t care that potlucks outside of work are illegal. They’re going to host them anyhow.

“Who cares? So is marijuana,” Roger Farris told Tucson News Now. He handles most of the cooking for the potlucks hosted at his mobile home park. “I’ve never lost one person in here on a potluck.”

A bill making all potlucks legal is making its way through the Arizona legislature.

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SOURCE: Pennlive