Nevada Democratic Convention: The Videos You Need to See

Ask yourself, how is Hillary beating Bernie

The Nevada Democratic Convention turned into a huge protest after Sanders’ supporters felt that their voice was denied over and over again. It all started out early in the morning, when temporary convention rules were passed despite the vote not having the required clear majority. You can see that moment in the video above. To learn about everything that happened at the Convention itself, please see our story here.

But things got worse from there, culminating in a moment at the end of the night when delegates motioned for a recount, but then their motion was denied before they even had a chance to say “nay”:

You can see the best videos from the Convention below, including all the archived full-replay videos from a livestream of the entire Nevada Democratic Convention.

Here are the videos you need to see:

Videos of the Protests

The motion at the beginning of the day was for a recount so that the temporary rules would not be turned into permanent convention rules. According to the person who made the motion: “I am asking you to have a recount. 9:30 was too soon for a preliminary vote. The petitions did not get to everyone.”

But Roberta Lange, the Nevada State Democratic chair, took a vocal vote, asking for ayes or nays. Although there was not a clear majority for either side, she declared that a majority had voted to approve the new rules:

“The ruling by the chair is not debatable. It cannot be challenged, and I rule the rules have passed…”

After her decision, protests erupted as delegates and supporters demanded a recount:

But after Sanders delegates began demanding a recount, the lights were turned off and the sound way turned up in the room:

Later, Nina Turner, Ohio state senator, gave an inspiring speech to Sanders’ supporters:

And Robert Kern, an attorney who has represented several Sanders supporters, had a lot to say about what happened. You can see it in the video below:

Full Video Replays from the Nevada Democratic Convention

Jason Llanes was at the convention all day on Saturday, livestreaming everything that happened on Periscope. His livestreams are being archived on YouTube and you can watch them all below, in the order they were uploaded. His Periscope account, if you want to follow him, is here.

Other groups were livestreaming the Convention too. GrassrootsForSanders also had Periscope footage that you can watch here. And SensesTaker had periscope footage during the convention here.

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