Over 1,000 voters file complaints, spark investigation into NY primary

A high voter turnout in the New York primary on Tuesday night may have highlighted issues and inconsistencies in the primary voting process.

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who set up a hotline for voters experiencing issues at the polls, said on Wednesday his office received over 1,000 complaints detailing inconsistencies at the polls.

The high number of complaints is a record, dwarfing the paltry 150 total complaints filed during the 2012 general election.

Schneiderman said the volume of complaints “deeply troubled” him and prompted his office to open investigations into the voting process. Currently, the investigation will focus on the New York City Board of Elections, but could expand to other areas as data from complaints is filed.

Many complained they were removed from the voter rolls, or simply told they were registered with the wrong party, others said they weren’t given affidavit ballots when requested.

Bernie Sanders’ campaign highlighted over 100,000 voters in Brooklyn alone who were mysteriously removed from the rolls. Sanders lost by a total of 290,000 votes in New York.

Roughly 2,686,000 voters successfully cast ballots in New York State. Just under 20 million people live in New York State.

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