Website Outage and Godaddy

godaddy_sucksSo for the last 3+ hours this site and others I host on GoDaddy were down. After finally making contact with GoDaddy they blame the down time on my personally internet connection. Yes you read that right all of you that could not load this site and was due to my home internet connection (insert rolleyes here). Seems Godaddy hires inept tech support and thinks I’m an idiot and have no clue how the internet and web hosting works.

Sorry Godaddy but this message (see images below) are Server Response Errors, thus my connection was working fine and I established a connection to your webserver. It is funny that soon as I got in contact with your Web Hosting Tech Support my problem miraculously fixed itself. Soon after my site began loading again your tech guy says he see no issue and proceeds to blame my internet service. Also tells me to run Traceroute if this happens again so as to see where the problem lies.  So all the people that tweeted me from around the globe happened to be having this same issue with their internet provider as I was. I think not GoDaddy, your inept staff messed my account up by accident and instead of taking the blame for it they passed the buck and made it look like it was on my end.

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I guess it is time for me to part ways with GoShady!

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